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Thursday, April 3, 2014


Well, here goes nothing. This is that time of year where I publicly post my overly-ambitious plans for the summer so that I'm accountable to someone besides myself. Cross your fingers and send good juju my way in hopes that I can stay healthy and injury-free so that I can execute half of these absurd, half-baked plans. If it all goes to plan, we shall call it ULTRA SUMMER! SUPER ULTRA SUMMER 2014!

The Schedge:

The Canyons 50k, May 3rd- likely
A brand-spankin' new 50k on part of the Western States 100 course starting in Foresthill. The canyon country there promises to make it awesome, not to mention the fact that it has 9,000 FEET OF VERTICAL GAIN. Stoke level high.

Moccasin Lake Challenge, May 24th- highly likely
Essentially an 18 mile hill climb starting in Ft. Washakie, WY, on the Wind River Reservation, and ends at the subalpine Moccasin Lake. Promises to be a great experience, and a great training run for the summer races to come.

Zion Traverse, June 2nd or 3rd- "fun run" (definite)
Super excited about this! Zion NP is amazing, and this route cuts right across the middle of it. I've wanted to do this since I first read about it on Jason Henrie's blog, and a couple visits to the park since then have only served to fuel the fire.

Zion NP with Spencer in 2012 after crewing a friend in the Zion 100
We are running in two groups, ladies going one direction, and dudes the other. I wouldn't call it an FKT attempt, but we plan to run hard...who knows! More than an FKT, I'd like to have a good time and really revel in the beauty of the place. 

Bighorn 100 miler, June 20th- waitlist
Fingers crossed, would love to run this one- it filled up early this year!

Skyline 50, July 12th- maybe
I literally just found this one, because apparently it is brand new this year! The course looks great, mountain ridgelines and such, along with a fair bit of off-trail running at high elevation. My cup of tea. Could be a little too close to Bighorn if I end up running 100 miles, but looks great. Will likely do either this race or:

Devil's Backbone 50 miler, July 19th- maybe
Rugged, uber-classic Montucky 50 miler. Seems tricky to get in to. Likely do this one or Skyline 50.

Ryan and Shaina's Wedding, Aug 2nd- DEFINITELY
Stoke level through the roof. Already afraid of what the Sunday long run is going to feel like with the mega-hangover that is inevitable following this celebration. 

Standhope 60k, August 9th- registered
Amber and I exploring some Idaho mountain ridgelines
Rugged mountain race near Ketchum, ID. Looks rad. Also planning a mini recovery vacation on or around Redfish Lake and the Sawtooths afterward.

John Muir Trail (through-hike), August 12th-ish- permits obtained, hopeful
A good group of amigos is planning to hit the JMT on August 9th in Yosemite, and planning to stroll off of Mt. Whitney sometime around August 22nd.
Photo from a segment of the JMT on my way to climb Ritter and Banner last year
I'm obviously running a 60k on the 9th, so as long as I can get away for nearly two weeks, I would plan to join them from another trailhead a few days in. Someone needed to do the booze-resupply anyway, right?!

The Rut 50k, September 13th- registered
Rugged Montucky mountain race, off trail running. Sky Running Championships. Ridiculously talented competition. I'm there. This is my A race for the year. I want to do well in all my events, but I will have an eye toward this race all summer.

Somewhere in there, there might be an attempt at a Wind River Traverse (80-100 miles?), and there will undoubtedly be some glorious long runs and adventures. I'm hoping to fill some weekends in the spring/early summer with some peak bagging and snow climbs. Hopefully some more peak bagging and backpacking interspersed through the summer and fall. Whatever happens, it promises to be great. I have to thank UltrAspire for their support- none of this would be possible without water, and they have some of the best products out there to keep you hydrated and carry your backcountry running essentials! All for now. Stay classy friends.

Seeya out there!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Looking Ahead in 2014

It's been a while since my last post! What can I say? Life happened. Probably the three biggest things to happen recently were that 1) AMBER AND I BOUGHT A HOUSE!, and 2) we started the Lander Running Club, and 3) I'm STOKED to share that I'll be joining UltraSpire as one of their Elite Immortals again this year- I'm honored to have their support and vote of confidence, and really hoping to rope them into some new events in Wyoming, too! So I've been busy, and it looks like I'll be busy for the foreseeable future. A good busy though.

LRC out for a brisk Saturday morning trail run at The Bus
I'm really excited about the Lander Running Club. Right now, we are doing a Workout Wednesday speed or hill workout, and a Saturday morning group trail run. Once summer rolls around the Workout Wednesdays will be on the track, but right now if it snows or is icy we've been hitting hills in town, which is a great strength builder going into higher mileages of the spring anyway. Attendance has been between 3-7 people normally, which is totally fine and to be expected with the winter weather and conditions. There has been a ton of interest and enthusiasm for the club, and I definitely expect it to grow significantly as the weather improves and the days get longer. Big plans in terms of starting some new races, getting involved with the other athletic clubs in town, special events, trail building days, you name it! Just need to find the time to do it all...

I've been clawing my way back into running shape. Right now I'm trying to slowly build mileage, but keeping an emphasis on strength training for some injury-proofing and improved efficiency and power on the runs. I think that some quality strength work in the "off season" is an invaluable part to anyone's training plans regardless of your distance or sport. I just finished a simple squat workout- 5 (sets) x 5 (reps) at 225lbs, and earlier in the week I did deadlifts 5 x 5 at 245lbs . This is of course combined with other strength work , but those two lifts were the focus of each session, and what I believe to be absolutely foundational to being strong generally, and to being a well-rounded runner.

I'm not working a ton right now, which sucks for my bank account, but it has allowed me to do most of my running on trails during daylight hours- not to be taken for granted in a Wyoming winter! I'm embracing my new location, and hoping to do some new-to-me regional races this summer. Most of those are several months out, so I don't feel a ton of pressure to start cranking out the miles like many ultra runners who are doing a bunch of early season racing. I haven't signed up or committed to anything yet, but likely will try to do the Big Horn 50 miler, El Vaquero Loco 50k, Wild Iris 21k, and maybe a couple rowdy Montucky races. We'll see! I wouldn't mind doing a late summer/fall time, higher-profile ultra. If I'm fit and healthy, I wouldn't mind toeing the line with some serious competition to see what I'm capable of. For now, I'm hoping my late winter and spring consists more of big days in the mountains, whether that takes the form of ski touring, long runs, snow climbs, peak bagging, rock climbing, or some combination of them all. Can't wait to explore the Winds more!

All for now. Stay classy.

Fresh tracks at the local trail haunt, The Bus

Noble steed lost in thought.

Red Canyon Rim, where the next LRC group trail run is set to be